About our Candidate — Brad Vis

Brad Vis is the Conservative Candidate for Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon.

Born in Matsqui, British Columbia, Brad has deep roots in the Fraser Valley. The grandson of Dutch immigrants, he was raised on the values of hard work, sacrifice, integrity and determination.

Brad has spent the majority of his career working in government, politics and the agri-business sector. His professional background extends to the fields of communications, public relations and policy development.

Brad holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia and a Master's Degree in Political Science from Carleton University. He currently serves as the Parliamentary Aide to the Hon. Ed Fast.

Brad ran a very successful campaign in 2015. A firm believer in active community engagement, Brad's campaign team utilized modern data acquisition techniques combined with extensive on-the-ground door knocking, reaching over 10,000 households in two months.

A long-time active Conservative Party Member, Brad is committed to growing the Party in BC and across Canada by engaging youth in the political process, developing strong and principled policy and respectfully engaging in the democratic process to build stronger communities.

Brad is happily married to Kathleen and the father of Declyn.

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